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Monday, 20 June 2011


I am not a lefty. Nor am I a righty. Or a middly, come to that. I am a person. An ordinary person.

I don't really do politics. I have come to understand that it's complete bollocks. But I do like arguing about things I know nothing about.

Here, I try to explain why lefties think that righties are evil, and why it is actually the lefties who are the evil ones.

This should upset a few people.

I'm an anarchist. No, not the Antichrist, an anarchist. An anarchist is someone who doesn't believe in the state. Like me. I don't. I don't need a state. Penguins don't have them. Most animals don't, apart from the bee, and that's made up too, because bees don't call their queen the queen bee, only people do that. Bees just go buzz.

People think anarchy is what the well 'ard boys want, you know, after the zombie apocalypse, where everyone is scared except the well 'ard brigade who loot and rape and pillage. And stuff.

Anarchy, to me, is where you can earn a pound and have a pound to spend on something. You can spend it on yourself. You can give it to someone else. If you have my disability you will probably give it to someone else. My disability is that I like giving stuff to people and seeing their pleasure. I don't mind it, it just keeps me permanently skint.

Anyway, because I like the sound of this I argue with people. I try to convince them that it is a good thing. Quite often they agree, in the end. I beat it out of them.

BUT. Lefties, you know, "to each according to their need, from each according to their means" lefties. The one who are good. Who hate the eviiiiiiiiil Tories. Do you know what they say? They say that if we had this anarchy thing, the poor, the disabled, the unfortunate would suffer. Because nobody would give to them.

And what I think, as a penguin, is this.

What you think of people is what you think you are. I think people WOULD give stuff to people who deserve it, because I would. Of course, they won't give to people who have seventeen kids and don't know who the fathers are, because I wouldn't. They would give to someone who had problems through no fault of their own, because I would. They wouldn't give to people who had a big fuckoff house worth millions who wanted to keep it to give money to their offspring, because I wouldn't.

But the lefties INVARIABLY say that people wouldn't give. Because they wouldn't. That's what I suspect.

Food for thought.

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