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Thursday, 21 June 2012



I was going to stop there, but no. Look at this, by 27b/6.

The Chinese have been doing this since forever. No creativity, they rob everything. Sue me.

Google, the tiny, insignificant market force with a turnover not exceeding the GNP of fucking Thailand, tried to break into the market by launching Google Plus, and if the hell that can't beat facebook, there is no hope.

But Louise Mensch, a lady for whom I have the utmost personal respect, and career-wise would not give the steam off my shit, thinks that she can beat that.

Lady. Wrong. You know, I know, that I, personally, got you 100+ votes, which probably got you in. Deny it if you like.

You know what? Give them a sniff of power, and they're the same as the rest.

Louise, please. Come back. Be you again.

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Mr Larrington said...

Dr Larrington is mortally ashamed of having taught Louise Mensch when the latter was a Penniless Student Oafette. A writer of chick-lit and a Tory MP ;-)