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Monday, 3 December 2012


It has been said that if your job title contains the word "agent" and doesn't begin with "007, special ..." then you're probably a dick.

But there is a thing called job agent. I'm in the IT business, which doesn't mean I have a working knowledge of Word and Excel, it means I know how they work and what to do with them. In some considerable depth.

There are people who want me to do work for them. They can't find me, because there is a whole layer of pond life in between me and them. This layer are called, collectively, job agents, or recruitment consultants. They are scum.

They have access to a place where CVs go. They set themselves up as consultants so the poor unsuspecting folk who wish to employ one of us think that going to them is a Brilliant Plan.

There are HUNDREDS of firms of these job agents.

This is what happens. I put my CV on a well-known job site. These "agents" subscribe to it, God knows what they pay for that privilege.

They then have requirements from a firm who wishes to employ one such as I.

They "match" them. This means that they blindly search for words in the CV which match the words in the requirement. I used to have a dog which could do that.

They are, on average, about 6, thick as shit, and call one "mate."

They say things like "I have interview on this role".

There are no words for my hatred for them, their firms, and the whole stinking paradigm which makes it virtually impossible for me to align myself with the poor sod who wants someone to do work for them.

Apart from the words "so you, you snivelling little fucktard, think you have ANY idea what I do, what your customer wants, and you think you're therefore worth 20% of what I am to earn, you festering piece of winnet on the arsehole of humanity?"

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