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Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Slightly too long for a tweet, not really long enough for a blog.

Look. There are two sorts of students. One sort who want to do some bloody work and get some sort of useful qualification. The other sort, who want to wank about for three years and for some godforsaken reason think that not only do they have a right to do so whilst I pay for them, but also that they will magically find a job as the CEO of Google with a degree in toenail-cutting.


Now, the first group. You stand over there. OK?

The second group, you stand over there. Look hard at the first group. Look hard at them, because any minute they are going to realise that the reason why they're going to have to pay a shitload of money is that there isn't enough to go round.

First group. Ready? Off you go.


Jayce Kay said...

"One sort who want to do some bloody work and get some sort of useful qualification."

That'll be me then.

Off I go.

I Want My Country Back said...

I was looking at writing on the subject, but you have hit the nail on the head with this post.

I hope it's ok if copy this on my blog. I will link it here.


Uncle Marvo said...

Jayce: Off you go. Good luck.

I want: Of course. FTW.

Anonymous said...

Fuck you're ignorant.

Joey said...

What about an art degree or a music degree where students will not be assured a high salary, but will contribute to culture and society in a wider sense?

Joey said...

what about nursing or midwifery or other lower paid health care workers? what incentive will these people have to rack up a debt of over £9000 per year?

Anonymous said...

If they don't earn more than £21k they pay fuck all back and thereafter it increases very slowly when they earn more than £21k.

If you don't want to invest in your own future why the fuck should I pay for it? Don't forget you pay it back, maybe, sometime in the future but I pay for it now through my taxes and I never get it back.

Uncle Marvo said...

Anonymous 1: It's "Fuck, you're ignorant". Note the comma.

Joe: yes of course we need the arts. Where would we be without music and art? A sad and sorry place. We need nurses and midwives too. They never needed a degree before, nor do they need one now. I couldn't be arsed to list the silly degrees. There are very many.

Anonymous said...

a thought on the arts... and i have absolutely no idea what the answer is... but how many of those who 'contribute to culture and society in a wider sense' actually have degrees in the arts? and those that do, how integral were those degress in their subsequent artistic endeavors?

Scottie said...

Why should we stop at degrees?

Why aren't people paying for A-levels too. You'll end up earning more if you've got three A-levels compared to nine GCSEs.

Although you should only probably have to pay up if you study English, no, no English Lit.

Why should I pay for people to sit around discussing books like they're on Richard and Judy?

Get a paper-round you scroungers.