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Thursday, 16 December 2010


This is in response to @LesyleyAlmost on Twitter, who asked

" You wouldn't deny assistance to your neighbours, would you?"

The neighbours in this case are the Irish, and the assistance is a huge loan.

The answer is this:

If my neighbour had spunked any money he might have had on a horse called the Euro in the 3.45 at Lisbon Treaty, and then expected ME to borrow money off someone else to help dig him out of the shit, then "No".


Anonymous said...

The reply from @LesleyAlmost : Okay, okay, I get you:)

Bill said...

When did it become righteous to aid the feckless?

Anonymous said...

UK banks are exposed to Irish debt to the tune of £187 Billion. By lending another £7 Billion as part of the EU loan we are hoping that they will be able to service their debt and buy enough time to get their finances in order and repay the principle. If they default now we will have to bail out our banks again and that will cost much, much more.

The chances of success are slim to none. We are fucked but not quite yet.

Simon Cooke said...

However borrowing £7bn at 2% and lending it out againt at 5.8% does seem like good business. In essence were shafting the Irish :)