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Wednesday, 14 December 2011


Got a bit bored writing a CV so here's a business plan. You may wish to use it.

1. Be a bit thick.
2. Join the Labour Party.
3. Eat pies.
4. Talk shit.
5. Get elected in somewhere a bit naff where they'll vote for a donkey with a red rosette.
6. Punch one of your constituents in the face.
7. Shag your PA.
8. Lose a General Election.
9. Become a Lord.
10. Get a load of followers on twitter and think that's somehow connected to reality.

Hope this plan helps you.


Anonymous said...

Totally fail by assuming bemulletted punch receiver was his constituent.

Anonymous said...

1. Make crap attempt at humour. Why aren't right wingers funny? Face it, Tory Boy, all the best comedians and musicians are left wing. Who you boys got? Jim Davidson, Phil Collins and Coldplay or, as they are better known, crass, embarrassing and boring.

tangentreality said...

At Anonymous No. 2:

Yes, indeed, leftism and being creative do seem to correlate quite well. Maybe it's because both groups live in a fantasy world.