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Thursday, 2 August 2012


There are two sorts of people. The majority, who haven't got anything to moan about, and moan and moan and moan.

Then there are the other sort, and there aren't enough of them. The ones who have EVERYTHING to moan about, who have had the most awful luck, and illnesses they didn't deserve, but who you can talk to for hours and hours and who will laugh while they tell you about things which would have finished you off.

Who are funny and daft and see the good in everything.

And when you hear that one of those is very ill you wonder why it isn't someone else, or even yourself.

If tears could make someone better she'd be better already.

Thinking of you, Cydara.

Love, Pengy


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Anonymous said...

I knew someone like that. Someone who was funny, bright, uplifting, top company and good to be around. They are now a star in the sky and I miss her very much. Your friend seems to be of the same mould and I am sure that she knows she means something to you and you in return to her. That in itself is something to hold onto. Wonderful turnarounds can happen, it happened with the person I miss and that miracle like event came out of nowhere. Keep the faith, you never know.