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Thursday, 13 February 2014


Here's another thing.

I used to have a house, once. It was near a railway.

Because some fuckwit decided to top themselves (and I don't offer sympathy, because he was a fuckwit), he decided to do the deed a mile down the line.

So, the Health and Safety Executive thus decided to knee-jerk and insist that the train should blast its fucking abominable horn right outside my house, just in case the next jumper didn't know when to throw his worthless body on the line.

The house was therefore worthless.

This is what the state can do to you, with not a worry, nor a jot of compensation.

Fuck the state.

I now live on a worthless boat having been made skint by them. Fuck them. FUCK THEM.

I have hundreds of stories like this. Yet you still vote. You fucking idiots.

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Anonymous said...

Owen Paterson the over egoed and under clued DEFRA bloke whilst at the Somerset levels and trudging through the H2O said on camera “They have got to convince me”, next Pickles said “I thought we were dealing with experts” then Cameron says “Money is no object. Did the Defra head assume the locals were experts because he certainly isn’t. Are these guys really in control of the UK. And whistling at someone whose about to top themselves you know they just might have other things on their mind
The state of the state is rank.
And HS2 should be called BS1