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Wednesday, 4 March 2015


There is a land called Saudi Arabia. I've never been there, nor do I ever want to. It's full of Arabs.

It is ruled by a King, or as I like to call him, a cunt, who relies on a thousands of years old religion to keep the idiots (citizens) under control.

They flogged Raif Badawi, one of their citizens, who is now due another 950 of 1000 lashes. He had 50 but they didn't heal up, so "doctors" said he couldn't have any more yet.

So a "judge", or as I like to call him, a cunt, will decide he can be an apostate (which is someone who was a Muslim because he was 0 years old when born and didn't have a choice and grew up, oh bollocks) and therefore instead of having more lashes can have his head chopped off.

Now this is my take on this, and mine alone. The King of fucking Saudi can suck my cock. Muhammed can suck my cock. Allah can suck my fucking cock, because there is NO sense in this.

Until Raif Badawi can fuck off out of Saudi, with all the other poor sods who were born there through no fault of their own, I will rant my face off.

Tell someone. Someone might be the someone who tells someone who matters.

Thank you




steve nicholson said...

This cannot be true, because our sovereign in waiting and our government would not tolerate such barbarity, would they?

Sam said...

Realised it wasn't that long so gave it a read after all. Steve Nicholson makes a good point, our royals/govts are hardly a shining example of humanity. Also people forget it's a little more than 50 years ago we executed the last person and she was a woman. We haven't evolved as a nation since then either; it doesn't take much for the public to demand hanging is brought back. It just takes the wrong person in power to turn that on its head.

Capital punishment is a reality for billions all over the world, not just the Arabs. The first line reads as though the Arab people are keeping you from visiting and if it's not interpreted as racist, it's most definitely xenophobic.

When someone asks that you not to do a particular thing cos it hurts them, to continue to do that thing says a lot more about you than the people reacting to your 'right'. Yes we all should have the right to free speech but there is difference between that and downright disrespect/bullying. I think that's the point.

Sam said...

Pun unintended end of first paragraph :/