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Monday, 30 November 2015


I'm a pilot. Not a commercial pilot though, so I don't know more than most people. But here is a thing.

I was very recently on an EasyJet flight. I'm not saying which one.

Mid-flight, the captain left the cockpit to use the loo.He then went back in

A while ago, another captain left the cockpit to use the loo. His co-pilot locked him out. Everybody died in terror and panic.

As I say, I am not an expert, but EITHER the pilot can get back into the cockpit, in which case so can anyone else, or the co-pilot has to let him in, in which case the same tragedy can happen again.

Care to comment, EasyJet?

I know the answer to this possible problem is to install a loo in the flight deck. I also know that airlines will do ANYTHING to get an extra seat in an aircraft because this means more money.

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Anonymous said...

I flew easyjet, pilot did same thing. Steward went into flightdeck when pilot in the toilet, came back out when captain knocked on the door. Other aircrew stood in front of door whilst pilot did his business.