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Friday, 16 September 2011


People are dying of starvation in Africa. It's not nice listening to the helpless screams of your undernourished child before it dies, horribly.

People are being oppressed by their own governments, all over the world.

People even in England are homeless, destitute and helpless.

I understand that the large Hardon Colander cost 4.4 BILLION quid.

It might detect the Higgs-Boson particle. But it won't. You know it won't. Apparently it either doesn't exist, or it's hiding.

Who actually gives a fuck? If it does, there's a God. Big fucking deal.

Somebody rationalise this for me, please?

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Jayce Kay said...

I'll have a go, if I may?

It would appear at first hand that the people that make the sum total of human activity are far too easily divided and conquered, which through the constant meddling of the few, mean that the many are left out of the light that is the beacon of freedom.

People in England are homeless and destitute because of a lack of social and affordable private housing, because of the planning activities or lack thereof of successive Governments with demonstrably flawed approaches to complex social-economic issues.

The LHC is probably the most complex scientific series of scientific experiments to improve our understanding of the Laws of the physical universe.

People are being systematically starved in certain areas because of the actions of insurgents.

Would you like to know more?