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Wednesday, 7 September 2011


That's something you shouldn't talk about in a pub. That and sex and politics.

Here we go then. I'm getting a bit pissed off with people who seem to think that their view is somehow right, per se. I have a view on a lot of things, most of which I know nothing about. And I'm entitled to it. And you're entitled to call me a cunt. Carry on.

I was brought up to believe in God and Jesus and Mary and Joseph and that the only language God understands was King James English, and I think that was their biggest mistake. See, when you realise that Jesus was probably a lot darker than me and almost certainly had a big conk (I said CONK), then probably God can speak Hebrew, or Yiddish, or Latin or something. Also, there is a distinct possibility that Adam actually didn't just pop out of nowhere, and Eve probably didn't nick one of his ribs.

Having said that, I do believe, because of the force of logic and maths and stuff, that there is some sort of divine entity somewhere who probably lurks in one of the dimensions to which we ordinary mortals aren't privy, and could even be inside a dimension outside of which we find ourselves. I don't know. I'm not going to argue either.

I do think that stories about mangers and asses and donkeys and geese and wise men and kings are nice for kids. I don't give a bollocks what you think.

I also think that organised religion, the forerunner of government when it comes to brainwashing and control, is responsible for very many deaths, torture, violence and suchlike. Which is a bit shit.

I'll tell you what, though. I'm sure Nadine Dorries is genuine in her beliefs. I'm sure she really does think that aborting a foetus is murderous. She's entitled to think that. She's also entitled to your opinion, in that it's your body. Your decision to have an abortion. I've been instrumental in one. A long time ago. I'm a murderer.

What I don't believe is right is the witch-hunt attitude. Whether Nadine is a nutjob or not. OK, if the whole government is God-botheringly Christian, that scares me. But they're not. And this vote is not going to be swayed by a couple of people. Right or wrong.

Think what you like. That's what people do. But don't proselytise. It's out of order. I know many Christians, quite a few Muslims, a Buddhist, at least two Wiccans, loads of agnostics and a handful of atheists. And a Jedi. No, really. None of them are radical. None of them proselytise either. Mostly nice people (apart from the Jedi, which is me).

So, just a suggestion, why not shut the fuck up? There are important things to sort out.

I don't know WHY I mentioned geese, before you ask.


Anonymous said...

Ask any squaddie who's been in a foxhole under fire, yep there's a god and a Jesus and an Angel and any other fucker that can get me out of this shit alive.

Anonymous said...

I don’t know if there is a god or not. I am not religious. I (perhaps foolishly) believe that most people are good. Though as your previous post points out there are some people who are takers and chancers.
However after watching, learning and loving David Attenborough programmes for about 42 years and the amazing footage of diversity on our planet he and his teams beautifully and calmly deliver onto our screens the linkages between teeny bacterial organisms sitting in a warm pool in Australia tens of millions of years ago, whose evolutionary quirk seemed to have sparked of the production of oxygen ( or something similar), then come along micro organisms, plankton, fishy things, fishy things with legs, fishy things with legs that turn into birds, and on, and on, and on, and on until today.
The circle of life just seems to be so infinitesimally connected in some shape or form all the way up and down our planets animal, plant, human, weather, tidal, seasonal, harvest sequence that I am now in that place where I am thinking our planet and the amazing things on it didn’t develop by accident. I have no idea what, who or if something is behind it. But I don’t think its happenstance.