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Monday, 12 September 2011


Gemma Hayter was murdered by thugs. Some might say she was murdered by disadvantaged young people.

No, she wasn't. She was murdered by COMPLETE CUNTS. Having been tortured.

Her mother said that she didn't hate the killers and that she pitied them. I hate them. I don't pity them. Whoever the fuck thinks I should because it's not their fault is bloody well complicit.

I pity people who have a problem, with society, because they've got a disability, because they're disavantaged, because they can't cope.

I don't pity people who make someone such as Gemma, a lass with learning difficulties, drink their piss. That's premeditated. I don't give a bollocks whether it's to big themselves up. It doesn't matter. She was locked in a bog. She was beaten. She was cleaned up and dragged along. Like a fucking dog. She was cut, had a plastic bag put on her. Murdered. Stripped.

The judge, the smug, self-satisfied fucktard, said that one of them was a nasty piece of work.

I can do better. And I'm not even a judge.

ALL of the perps are subhuman, a fucking disgrace, not fit to live on any sort of planet with the rest of us. They are cunts. They are truly filth.

I'm sure someone will say they have psychological problems. All fucking FIVE of them. I don't care any more.

If this is society, if this what we are robbed for on a daily basis, this is what I would call a serious fucking malfunction. Human life is NOT sacred. Not when it's like this. Really. If this was a mixy rabbit you'd shoot its brains out.

You, dear reader, have no idea what I feel right now. NO IDEA.

If this is the society we have become, where this even gets a look-in for a spell of free telly and three square meals a day, I resign.

Now, let's have a look at the parents.


Anonymous said...
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lupie1972 said...

these people are animals and deserve to be treated as such. Instead they will have all sorts of luxuries in prison while the hard working citizen pays for them. They should be treated exactly the way that poor young girl was treated,they should be beaten to death and save us all a lot of money and send a message out to people that this sort of behaviour is not tolerated.