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Friday, 14 October 2011


The iPhone 4GS.

God. I am such a naive Penguin.

They're not queueing up to buy it. I thought they were, because mine is a bought one (no, it's an olde-fashioned 3GS my old boss bought for me).

They're queueing up to RENT it. Our lad at work, who is separated and on about £12k a year including shift allowance, tells me his ex has one. It costs £45 per MONTH. And you have it for 3 YEARS. And that costs £1,620. Yes, you can make some calls on it for that money, and send some txt, and have some internets. His ex does not work. He pays her maintenance because they had a child. And she spends it on THAT.

Jesus. I believe mine cost £400 (probably less). I pay £2 a week to TESCO (spits) which gives me loads of calls and shit, and sometimes they top it up a bit more so I have about £100 credit on it, fuck knows why. Might be a mistake.

Someone tell me what the actual fuck the world is made of? I am lost.


tangentreality said...

Ah, but if it only costs you £45 a month, rather than £400 up front, it MUST be cheaper. £45 is less than £400, yes?

Banks make most of their money out of personal loans. You can see why.

Anonymous said...

In i:Phantasy land £45 quid is less than £400.
In Mi:Reality land time has a sneaky way of catching up, adding up, tripping people up and robbing them blind.
My HTC is brilliant, it’s far far cheaper than any i:Anything, the downside is I am not seen as cool.
Which is quite amazing as I am not cool.
Ergo, sum, something.