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Wednesday, 25 July 2012


Unions (Trades Unions) were born before me, which is surprising. In the days of Dickens, when children were sent up chimneys.

They served a purpose then, just as women chaining themselves to railings did. It made them look big and clever.

Because the blokes in top hats said "you work 96 hours a day or we fire you," they did. Until the unions. The unions meant that they could say "fuck you," and they were duly fucked.

This was 18-oh-something. It's 2012 now. There are more people than jobs. But the Unions are now capitalised. Their leaders are on more than the Prime Minister. They are people like Bob Crow, thick as planks but not as thick as their workers.

I don't blame Bob Crow. He's too stupid to tie his own shoelaces. But the workers, too thick to know, will go with him and shout "brothers."

Go for it, society. Make me proud. You utter,utter, sheep.


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