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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Change We See

Change We See. Good slogan. I believe it's some sort of electioneering thingy where people post stuff up t'internut, thus drawing attention to the fact that NuLab have done Great Things.

Unfortunately for them, it has been pretty much bandited by ill-wishers to show the NuLab failures, rather than successes.

There are many of these, for instance Twitter's #changewesee hashtag, and Facebook's group.

Here is one of mine, one that I couldn't post on these groups because it's a tad too long.

My measure of How Things Are: "The The Two Most Successful People I Know."

Over the years, I've known a few successful people. Me amongst them. I've known engineers, producers of goods, transport people, people from all areas from music teachers to publicans. They've been successful. Most of them are now not doing well, all of them blaming (quite rightly) change. Change for the worse. Change for the sake of change.

The Two Most Successful People I Know today are both women. One runs an agency which supplies foreign temporary workers to companies at ridiculously cheap rates. The other runs a virtual office so people can run their businesses on lower and lower overheads.

The rest of the people I know who are even mildly successful are in what I believe is termed the Black Economy. Odd. None of them are black.

'Nough said.

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Corrugated Soundbite said...

The "Change We See" website struck me as somewhat poorly moderated on startup. At least 3 people were allowed to post dole queue photos which remained for over a week. There were a couple of other photos of smiling chavs, but that was about it.

Oh, and it's now termed the "hidden economy". Dunno why, I see drug dealers on the street most evenings.