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Wednesday, 20 January 2010


I note that there are loads of blogsters today pointing out that Gordo warned Kraft not to put British Jobs at risk after the takeover of Cadbury, following which Kraft announced that British Job cuts are inevitable.

'Nuff said. Gordo has no power over ME, let alone over an American Corporation. I don't know what drugs he's on, but I want some.

Anyway, most of my work is done for a huge food company. It wasn't, originally. It was done for a much smaller one. It kept the price of certain products down for many years, but in the end the red tape, regulations (mainly H&S horsecrap) forced that company into being sold to a larger one.

I give the chaps who ran the small company their due - they made sure that we didn't sell out to the sharks (even though they could have made a packet had they done so). The company that took over in the end were pretty good, and kept on all of the staff, and pretty much kept the place as it was - efficient, producing good quality product. Some horseshit was introduced, but not enough to wreck the place.

Since then, that company has sold out lock, stock and barrel to a huge one. It's now ratshit. I'm surprised we make anything at all. What we tend to do now is H&S and kowtow to the little pathetic empires that these people build and maintain to keep hanging on to their stupid job titles. We are now run by a computer, calling itself SAP (it's a system that makes your business run like any other business whether you like it or not). Many folk won't deal with us any more because they would go bust before they got paid.

Despite this, I continue to be a real pain in the arse. I try to keep us efficient, against all the odds, and I'm proud of that. The PLE's (pathetic little empires) fight against this, but if their combined brainweight were dynamite, it wouldn't be enough to blow one of their hats off. It won't last though. Eventually, I'll be beaten just because of the hugeness of the opposition. But I fight to the death.

Kraft will be the same. When anything gets that big, it goes the same way. The American Way. Trust me, it's not a good way. The only way to keep efficiency is to keep small. But keeping small makes the PLE's less powerful. Power is everything. Cadbury are fucked, which is a shame, because I rather like the Bournville bar (named after the village where Cadbury began, and where they still have the wonderful Cadbury World - I recommend a visit while it's still there).

The government have the same problem. They need to devolve. They need to give more of the work that needs to be done to councils, who need to be apolitical, and need to run like small business, treating their people as customers, and giving them a choice. If you don't like one shop, you'll use another one. If you don't like your council, you can move, or you can vote for another bunch of councillors who will be just the same as the last lot.

The ONLY WAY to put this right is to have a choice. Not a same-difference "choice" every four years, but a proper choice. Where you can choose one over the other, when you like, and where someone else can set up in competition, when they like, and can go bust if they're rubbish. And they will. Imagine if there were to be a choice of which refuse collection you used. You'd pay for what you got. If it was not up to scratch, or too expensive, you'd change.

What exactly is wrong with that? Nothing, I say. But I suspect that there will be a million people who will say "if it was workable we'd be doing it already."

Bollocks. The oligarchy don't want it. There will be less power for them. "Choice" is not a word they use. "Control" is.

Please argue. Go on.

I'm going to go and make some fine food products.

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