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Thursday, 28 January 2010


Normally, I don't get really riled. Doesn't matter what I get dealt, I get somewhere between mildly frustrated and furious. But I just read something which made my hands shake and the veins in my neck stick out.

I guess it's to do with everything getting slowly but surely more stupid, so I'm not really surprised any more.

I just gandered Old Holborn's piece about Poverty, and I had to agree that he speaks the truth. You might as well not do anything, and let the state provide. So some think.

But this really did it for me. The Mail did it better but I wanted to avoid the Mail link, because people shout "racist" every time I quote the Mail.

Kids can only go on these trips if they're disadvantaged, that being measured by whether their parents are on benefits such that the kids get school meals.


And, unsurprisingly, the Department for Children, Schools, Families, Propaganda and Control declined to comment.

That's because the only comment they could possibly make is "yes, I'm afraid we're just a band of cunts."

Anyone up for arranging some trips for kids whose parents choose to get of their arses?


Fausty said...

Who cares about "racist" taunts?

PC's aim is to curtail free speech - don't let the cunts win!

Let there be a homeschooling revolution.

Anonymous said...

Have a laugh, dick about and stick 2 fingers up at the poor saps that are paying for you. Worse still is the national Insurance tax joke. As with other insurances the more you pay the more (cover) you get. Not with N.I. you don’t. As if you have worked for say 30 years and paid tax, week in, week out, month in, month out, year in, year out, decade in, decade out. If you are suddenly unemployed or off ill and you have a tiny bit of money in the bank you will get approximately £60 per week.., seem balanced to you..
People are struggling in this economy, mainly the working ones, worse is coming, do not believe the 0.1% growth figure it’s fiction, the slippery slope is right in front of you, just look for it, it’s got a banana skin at the top and no bouncy castle at the bottom to land on.
Poverty is a growing industry and like climate change its one of the topics which if you are off it you get zealotly pilloried by government jobsworths or the burgeoning bandwagon of not for profit agencies start baying for your blood as you are challenging their immovable but financially rewarding object of their employment.
Let’s not forget that “not for profit” doesn’t mean “not for wages” and rather high salaries in some cases.
I haven’t reached 50 yet when I was eight years old I along with my brother and mum and dad lived in a Glasgow tenement. In our section we had 6 families who shared one communal outside toilet, just a toilet no bath. Inside our home we had no central heating, only one coal fire to heat the property, no quilts, no electric blanket, a miniscule kitchen, no games consoles and the welfare state was hardly generous.
We never saw a social worker, lifestyle councillor, poverty advisor, group hug co-coordinator, nappy recycling adviser or other community role representatives, mainly because most of these and other positions did exist.
Now however the welfare benefits state has gone the other way as the tick box mentality has created a mega industry of telling people how disadvantaged they are and they will be well looked after.
I have no problem helping people, particularly people who genuinely need helping through illness, disability and the like but not pseudo illness the “I’ve got issues” brigade. In fact I’ve got issues with your issues
Poverty will hit the vulnerable first, these are the ones working but not in a government or any related public sector job though the job losses in government head count are coming to a job centre near you soon.