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Monday 7 March 2011


Got a good response there. I tweeted about a Down's kid in my kids' class. Like a cunt.

Well done all you who gave me a well-deserved kicking.

My cousin Margaret had Down's. I say "had", because she died. People with Trisomy 21 tend not to last as long as wankers like me.

There's a girl with Down's in my local Boots' who is lovely and I would rather be served by her than the other old tossers.

I HATE the word Mong.

But my 11 y/o has a Down's boy in her class. Nothing wrong with that. At that age they can be pretty much "normal", whatever the fuck that is.

This one, William (a pseudonym) scratches his bollocks. So do I. Often. I try not to do it when other people are eating though. Also I try to keep my trousers on.

In addition, "William" has a teaching assistant. he says "not doing it, don't want to do it." Then the teaching assistant fills in the answers for him. To tick a box.

THAT'S what I meant.

Now argue.

I apologise for giving the wrong impression but 140 characters doesn't do it for me.