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Monday, 18 March 2013


I don't live in Cyprus.

I'm British, not European.

I don't have any Euros.

Therefore I can't get angry reading this.

But hold on. I get to the past paragraph.

"Chancellor George Osborne said the UK would compensate any government employees and military personnel whose bank accounts were affected."

Oh, yes I can.

The UK will compensate? What with? The UK doesn't earn any money. It doesn't own any money. It owns huge debts and threatens me (and you) with prison if we don't pay them for it.

Government Employees? Like who? Like those who are out there taking the piss at my expense on fat salaries paid by me when I've forgotten what sun looks like? Who have money to spare that they've shoved in a bank?

Military Personnel? They're government employees too.

So, Mr Fucking Osborne, you're robbing me to pay for Europe's fuckups? Again?

Oh, OK then.