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Thursday, 9 November 2017


This might be a bit niche.

It was funny to me.

I was in a room with the boss today, and he suggested that we might develop the next generation of a product that we make. He asked me what I thought.

I said to him that I thought that the only problem that we'd have is in the decisions as to the way it was done. I said that I thought that it would end up being driven by people who really didn't understand the market, the customers, the requirements, and who would overrule any sensible development decisions that we might otherwise take.

He smiled, and said:

"I'm pretty sure they'll let me me make the decisions on all aspects of this."

I looked at him, askance. I nodded, slowly.

The smile disappeared from his face. Imperceptibly slowly.

It was replaced by a look of realisation.