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Wednesday, 9 December 2015


Let me clarify the situation.

My SatNav no longer works. It worked when I bought the vehicle.

It needs to be fixed. It does not need an update.

The ONLY situations that would require it to need an update are these:

1. The satellites have moved.
2. Planet earth has changed size.
3. The continents upon the planet have moved by more than the usual 1mm per year.
4. The laws of physics have changed.
5. The manufacturers of the SatNav have implemented a timebomb which requires an update to continue working.

I have checked, and #1 to #4 have not happened. #5 is illegal, in a big way.

Therefore I do not need an update.

The most likely thing is that the map data is corrupt. I have not done anything to corrupt it.

If I get Peugeot to find out what is wrong, they will say it needs an update. The update will fix it, because it will replace the map data. How do I know that they will not simply update it, thus destroying the evidence that it was in fact the map data being corrupt (which it is), and then charge me to fix something which has broken through no fault of mine, and thus is warrantable?

I have spoken with Chris in service at Charter's, and he did not tell you that there was no fault with my vehicle, because he hasn't seen it. I have spoken with Sam, the salesman, who has not come back to me.

I am not negotiating, I'm stating facts.

You mentioned that the SatNav needing an update is not under your (Peugeot's) control when I spoke to you. Let me point out that the contract of sale I have is with Peugeot, not with the SatNav manufacturer. The law states that it is your responsibility, being the seller, and the party taking the money in exchange for goods and services. This is not a grey area.

Just as an aside, I am a microprocessor engineer with 40 years experience, please take that into account if you wish to tell me any more "facts" about the SatNav. My hobbies include fighting big companies in court. It's something that's very important to me because I hate bullying and if I can make the world a better place, one victory at a time, it makes me feel better.

I look forward to your speedy reply.

I am not going anywhere and I am not letting this go. I suggest that your policy of telling people "it might need an update, which is chargeable" is changed pretty quickly, as well. If it isn't actually illegal, it's certainly immoral.

On 08/12/2015 10:29, wrote:
Hi Pengy

Thanks for contacting Peugeot UK.

I was sorry to learn of the issue you have experienced and can appreciate the disappointment caused.

I’ve made contact with Charters of Aldershot and have spoken to Chris in the service department to ascertain some further information to see what the concern is.

Chris has advised there to be no defect with your vehicle and a software upgrade maybe required, which is not a warrantable item and therefore would not be covered under warranty.

Whilst I appreciate the distance to the dealership is some 75 miles away, there may be a dealership closer to you or your place of work. Please check on the Peugeot website ( top right hand corner ) where you will be able to find a dealer closer to you.

I’m sorry that I couldn’t assist further on this matter and trust that once booked in, this will be resolved for you and in closing, I thank you again for contacting Peugeot UK.

Kindest regards

Kaleem Khan
Customer Relations Manager