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Thursday, 17 March 2016


See, there's this budget. It taxes sugar. Nobody cares. It gives small businesses yawn yawn. And personal yawn yawn.

In fact, yawn, yawn.

But the economy is something or the other, yawn.

On the back of this, the DEBT (money we owe to folk) is going up. Not a bit up, fucking trillions of
quid. Record amounts. Jesus H Christ amounts of money.

It doesn't matter, because we have MONEY (tax) coming in. So we can pay that DEBT off. The difference between MONEY (tax) and DEBT is DEFICIT. Porcelain-Gob is paying down the DEFICIT. Not the DEBT.

All clear? Thought so.

Now here is a thing. This scares the shit out of me. The DEBT is actually CASH which WE BORROW from FOREIGN people/ Such as our ALLIES, the SAUDIS (murderers) etc.

Because we have a GOOD CREDIT RATING, we can borrow it at FUCK ALL.

YAY, go us.

If, tomorrow, things change, then we have to pay it back, and borrow it again, At NOT VERY CHEAP.

If this happens, you, me, Porcelain-Face and everyone else is in what is called, in modern parlance, DEEP SHIT.