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Thursday, 28 November 2013


I don't care if you read this.


Tuesday, 12 November 2013


I wonder about a tweet I had in response to a comment I made about the ubiquitous "bedroom tax". I more than wonder. I fret. Nay, not even fret. I am INCENSED.

I was not offensive. I have issue with the term "bedroom tax", as it isn't a tax, and it's a paradigm whereby left-leaning folk stir up hatred of the governing parties.

@RealPengy I say your obsession with semantic pedantry outweighs any compassion you might have and in real life you’re probably revolting

There was said response. It came from a Mr Owen Jones, who has made a career out of writing inflammatory leftist propaganda, who has a large following of what might be termed "partisan fuckwits", and who looks like he was fed with a catapult as a child. And not too competently, either.

He blocks everyone who doesn't agree with his views, viz. that the state owns yo' ass, and that anything you do, think or say is rightly from the state itself. Hallelujah.

To this I respond thus:

Owen, you Welsh fuckwit, you carbuncle on the backside of humanity, you pathetic excuse for one of God's own children, if you ever, EVER, badmouth me, my goats or my children again, you'd better make sure I don't know where you live.