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Thursday, 25 April 2013


When I were a lad, we went to pubs.

It was a while back. There were folk there called "skinheads". Their raison d'etre was to start a fight.

You could ignore them. Best thing. Tossers.

But if they wanted "bovver", they'd goad. They'd pick. And wind you up. Until you just got so fucking fed up with it you'd start. Then they'd give you a kicking.

That's not free speech. That's just fucking stupid.

Please, people. Free speech is where you say what you want.

Goading is where you get a bite. And a kicking. And if you want, you can call the Plod.

Fuck's sake.


Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Deport Him

He's a hate-filled bastard. He has a chip on his shoulder.

Apparently he hasn't committed a crime. Well, if anti-semitism isn't a crime, that's a bit daft. Anyone who doesn't agree with his misguided religious beliefs gets ridiculed.

He incites people to civil disobedience.

He singles out minority groups and has a go at them.

So what if he hasn't committed a crime in the UK? That's simply a problem with UK law. Change it.

So send him to Jordan or somewhere. See if I care.

Who mentioned Abu Qatada? I was talking about Old Holborn.


Tuesday, 2 April 2013


Here's a silly little blog.

Disabled folk don't normally choose to be so.

They are up in arms on Twitter because Ian Duncan Smith (IDS) is nicking their bedrooms.

No, he isn't. He's targetting the lazy feckless bastards who could, and don't, work. And good for him. Starve them.

But this is what I hate. SOMEONE, in the opposition (chokes) is calling things the "bedroom tax" and making the disabled folk think they're losing out.

And whatever sick fuck is doing this, to feather their own nest, is an UTTER, UTTER CUNT.

I suspect its the same despicable bastard that murdered Dr David Kelly. Campbell.

Sue me. You'll lose. I'll laugh.