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Tuesday, 14 September 2010


Well, I remember 1966. Like it was yesterday. "They think it's all over ..."

The last time we (the English) won the World Cup. I could name the team. One great midfielder, a Mr Nobby Stiles, is selling his World Cup medal. He's not doing it because he's skint, he's doing it because he's concerned that when he dies things may not go according to plan and his kids won't get equity.

I would like to see that medal kept by Nobby.

Is there some way we could club together and buy the medal, so Nobby keeps it until his death? Perhaps it could go to a Museum where people could see it, afterwards. Then everything is hunky dory.

Perhaps someone, someone quintessentially English, with a heck of a lot of followers, and possibly a footie fan, such as Stephen Fry, could set up a PayPal for the cash. If the goal (excuse the pun) was realised, and the medal not bought, then perhaps the money could go to charity. I'm not good on charities, perhaps someone else could look at that. Maybe the Bobby Moore foundation.

What do we reckon, girls?


Pam Nash said...

Fantastic idea - but with only 6 weeks until the auction, it would need a 'big name' to gt it moving quickly. It would be good to see an English Premiership footballer step forward and use a week's wages - Rio's on Twitter...........

Anonymous said...

Rio? The man asked for someone 'quintessentially English', did he not?

And despite his education and accent Fry isn't exactly Anglo-Saxon either, far from it.

But then..

Officially the English don't exist, ask John Prescot, or the ONS. You can have Englishness, according to the multi cult, but you can't be English - that's heresy: racist, intolerent, non-inclusive, neo-fascist speak.