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Friday, 12 November 2010


I'm not a lawyer.

One reason is that I'm thick. The main one is that it would bore me rigid.

Here is some law, interpretation, and common sense.

You are reading this. You chose to.

Paul Chambers tweeted something which no sensible person would have found threatening nor menacing.

I didn't see it. I wasn't following him. Bet you didn't either.

An anal security chap from East Midlands Airport who was on his day off spotted it. Because he looked for it. That is so sad. He then alerted the Plod, presumably because he was a small-minded little cunt, and the rest is history.

I tweet, and blog. What I'm typing now is between me and me until I press this button. However, these characters are going through my LAN, onto my router, up to my SP and from there into the ether. Google is watching as I type, because autosave is on.

This is on a public network. You won't read this until I want you to.

I just typed something. It was grossly offensive and menacing. Google saw it. They should have called Plod. They haven't, have they?

Because it's between me and me. But they can see it. GCHQ (hello!) can see it.

I selected that bit and just deleted it. Google still have it. GCHQ still have it.

It was REALLY offensive. And menacing as fuck. It involved a famous public building, a dildo filled with semtex and a black one-legged lesbian muslim nun in a wheelchair. Something for everyone, right there.

Did you see it? You should have done. Those electrons were all over the internet, right there.

If you read this, you chose to. If you read what I tweet, you choose to, or you choose to read what other people might retweet, from me.

If you like, you can search Twitter, Google or what the hell you like for news about airports, bombs, carnage, anything.

It's up to you.

It is not public. Public is the telly doing it right in between Strictly and the X-factor. And, FFS, they are exempt from this fucking stupid, badly thought-out law.

Incidentally, the judge in this case (see Daily Mash for details) could have put right the life of an innocent victim of gross misuse of yet another one of the Blair fiascos. But she didn't. And for that, I sincerely hope she is ashamed. Very, very ashamed of herself. I couldn't sleep at night if I had ruined someone's life on a point of principle viz., it's the LAW and it's MINE and I can DO WHAT I WANT, which is exactly what she did.

Now, can one of you decent bloggers please come up with something?


1 comment:

Jayce Kay said...

Strange set of values within the UK these days, choose to be one of those fuzzy-bearded wonders from the "religion of peace" that engages in incitement and glorifies the ritual disfigurement and murder of women (amongst other barbarisms), very little happens apart from the odd token case. Even get paid to go home after a bit of porridge.

Get a bit miffed about travel frustrations and make a tweet about it, your hauled in front of the courts for being a nasty evil person.

Its all bull. Oh well life and all that.