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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Trig and shit

There's an old, old saying
That some people have curly brown hair
Til painted black, it stays that way
And I think it's only fair
To justify this bollocks
Cos I learnt this shit at school
It's the way you used to remember
Not to look a proper tool

These days it's SOHCAHTOA
It means the absolute same.
It sounds like an old volcano
But it's only in the name
I'm a helping you to learn now
How to work out what bollocks is what
So there's Trig and Geometry nailed
And you won't need to swot.

We used to have a base then
And you have adjacent instead
And we had perpendicular
Your opposite's over my head
But the hypowotsit's constant
The one on which we all agrees.
It's the one with all the angles
That adds up to 90 degrees.

So the base and adjacent are sim'lar
The one by the right angle true.
The opposite's right at the other end
My perpendicular too.
So the basis of what I am saying
Is the Cosine of Base over thing
Is the same as adjacent divided by that
And it's that which I will sing.

And the Sine's the same old story
Perpendicular carved up by that
'potenuse or in your modern parlance
Divide it into that.
And the tangent ain't too much to cope with
It's the vertical over the base.
Or the Opposite over adjacent
That truly is the case.

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Anonymous said...

Take a bow Uncle Marvo, bloody brilliant. now put a tune to it audio boo it and the kids will remember it.