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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

To Her Most Gracious Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Your most gracious Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II,

Forgive my impudence as I crave your attention to my most humble blog.

I was a very young copper in 1974, walking the beat in the mid evening in Guildford with my Sergeant.

As we walked down from the top of North Street, through a passageway, discussing the weather, as one does, there was a terrific explosion. We rushed in the direction of the noise to discover confused, bleeding people rushing from the Horse and Groom pub. The scene was covered in broken glass shards from the windows, and quite a lot of blood. Young and useless as I was, I was directed to the road junction several yards down the hill to direct traffic away from the scene. A short while later, another explosion followed and I was greeted by various body parts flying past, which I later discovered were from another pub in the passageway opposite, the Seven Stars.

Suffice to say, Your Majesty, that this was imprinted indelibly and in perpetuity upon my memory. I was detailed later to pick up any debris in order to make clear the scene, this debris including a lady's dress shoe containing part of her foot.

The deed was perpetrated by the IRA.

Your Majesty, I have nightmares to this day. I shall spare your Majesty from more detail, but I implore, nay, beseech you, not to shake the hand of that animal tomorrow.

This is my most humble plea, and I commend it to your Majesty's attention with my unfailing loyalty and respect.

Sincerely, Pengy
(name available on request)


Anonymous said...

I can understand what you are saying. They were terrible times but we have to move on. The Irish people have to move on as do we.

They (some) have had an inbred hatred of the British because of what happened to their country over history and most (strangely) don't even know how bad it actually was.
I heard a comment today about why had the IRA never apologised. The same could be said about the British. Not just because of the 1920s either.

The British caused millions of deaths in Ireland but it is hushed up. They have always blamed it on the 'Potato Blight'. Did you know the British were exporting vast quantities of food from Ireland during the famine? Parliament commented on the vast death toll as unfortunate.
Check out this site

I am not saying any of the above is an excuse for what has happened in the past 50 odd years but possibly a reason that it happened- In the late 1960s I was in Belfast and what struck me was everything painted red white and blue and the adverts in the papers 'Catholics need not apply' in a country that the Irish still thought should be one nation.

Anonymous said...

No..The deaths in Ireland weren't hushed up..and The people of Northern Ireland did not and do not want to be part of a United Ireland..The British Army were deployed to protect the minority Catholic community in the 60's, but once they thought they had the upper hand decided to be arseholes...McGuinness wants shooting...fucking terrorist..