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Tuesday, 21 August 2012


Why not? I haven't done rape yet.

My turn.

Rape. That's when a "man" (I believe, women aren't allowed to be rapists any more than black people are allowed to be racists) have sex with people of the same or opposite sex when the other party doesn't want them to.

Brilliant. What sort of tosser wants to have sex with someone who doesn't want it? Where's the fun? Where's the ANYTHING? Is it because blow-up dolls don't fight back?

So. No point. Wrong on all levels, stupid, pointless.

I know two men who have been accused by women scorned. One went to chokey. Ex-military. Drummed out. He didn't do it. I know that. The other, the woman withdrew the accusation before court. Again, I know he didn't.

Raping a teen boy in a shop is pretty bloody low too.

Here's what I think. Find the perp. Take off his bollocks, one at a time. I'll do it if you like. Just make sure he did it.

Also, shut up about it. And Assange. And Due Fucking Process. And most other things, which you know nothing about, haven't experienced, never will.

Why not talk about cross-amputation, torture psychologically by the state, why the government don't do anything useful, that kind of thing?

I'll tell you why. You're a woman. And, speaking as a woman (a euphemism for talking out of your fucking hat) you claim the sole fucking right to discuss matters legal, moral, and political, with no reference to any common sense or logic.

Now sod off.

Your honour.

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