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Monday, 18 March 2013


I don't live in Cyprus.

I'm British, not European.

I don't have any Euros.

Therefore I can't get angry reading this.

But hold on. I get to the past paragraph.

"Chancellor George Osborne said the UK would compensate any government employees and military personnel whose bank accounts were affected."

Oh, yes I can.

The UK will compensate? What with? The UK doesn't earn any money. It doesn't own any money. It owns huge debts and threatens me (and you) with prison if we don't pay them for it.

Government Employees? Like who? Like those who are out there taking the piss at my expense on fat salaries paid by me when I've forgotten what sun looks like? Who have money to spare that they've shoved in a bank?

Military Personnel? They're government employees too.

So, Mr Fucking Osborne, you're robbing me to pay for Europe's fuckups? Again?

Oh, OK then.


Anonymous said...

Thankyou, no bugger else has mentioned this aspect bar you.

Heartily sick of the shysters all stuck up each others back-sides like a bloody endless conga looking after their mates...WITH our bloody money.


madasahatter said...

give the milatary goverment employees
and ex pats the money taken off them and deduct it from the 53 million a day we give the theiving eu simples?

Anonymous said...

They paid the army sharpish, something to do with averting a mutiny. Protesters don't worry them, unless of course they are a pissed-off bunch of troops.

Anonymous said...

When you are in the military and posted overseas, in order to access your salary, it is necessary to open a local bank account, whether it be in Germany, Cyprus, or any of the places that service personnel are sent. You have no choice. That is where your paymasters will pay you your wages. Despite the promise of 'the sun' most service personnel would rather they were in Aldershot or Ripon or Catterick, close to their friends and family. Instead, they are dumped into some place they would rather not be (to some, Cyprus is a holiday destination, to others, it's a shitty place with flies and locals who don't like them). If a foreign Government decides to steal money from soldiers' bank accounts, the British Government has a responsibility to ensure their troops are not stony broke because of it. There would be no mutiny, despite what some cretinous blogger wittered. There would certainly be complaints but, in the best sense of the British Armed Forces, those complaints would be logical and reasonable yet determined.