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Thursday, 25 July 2013


Microchip are a company who manufacture semiconductors, mainly Programmable Interface Controllers (PICs).

In the old days, they were great.

They are now not. NOBODY in the trade will argue with this.

They have replaced their awesome MPLAB with some devil-spawned open-source Java Netbeans pile of dogvomit written by children in garages which is not fit for purpose.

This is not a problem in itself, us engineers ignore it.

But NOW they've withdrawn the awesome product in favour of said dogvomit.

It doesn't work. I don't mean some bits of it don't work, I mean it's an unadulterated pile of irredeemable crap which PROPERLY doesn't work.

If you google it, you ONLY get hits ranging from disappointing to dogvomit.

I suspect, nay KNOW, that this once brilliant, innovative company are run by complete fuckwits, money men, and folk who don't give a shit if nobody uses their products any more.

I hate this world because of that.

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