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Tuesday, 11 March 2014


I'm writing this because I've not heard so much sycophantic bollocks in my life.

Bob Crow died.

He was a trade unionist, and a communist, who never did any good for anyone (apart from himself and his immediate family) in his whole life.

He believed in what he thought was right, because he came from a shit background. He was thick as planks.

To further his members' glorious pay cheques, he worked at least a dozen strikes of the tube service since 2006, making sure that the ordinary workers of London had to pay through the nose for their service, whilst tube drivers (who need no qualifications other than a heartbeat) took away the fat end of £50k p.a. each. And he took the fat end of £150k p.a. and spunked a council house.

The reason they tried to (and hopefully do) lay off the "ticket officers" is because the rest of the fucking union have milked the system for so much that it's unsustainable.

Bob Crow was a cunt in life, and remains so in death.

If you have a problem with that, like this bullshit about "he did what he believed in", read Mein Kampf or Stalin's memoirs.


Here is the apology you asked for >.<

I'm desperately searching this bucket of fucks for one that I give, in vain.

No, YOU fuck off.

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