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Wednesday, 2 April 2014


So, you get up at 5. Every fucking day. You go and do a job, which you happen to like.

You get quite a lot of money.

Nearly all of it goes. Nearly all of it. You pay it to the HMRC, or the ex, and no fucker deserves it. It doesn't pay for anything useful. It is robbed off you.

Once I though the kids would get the house. The ex goes to the fucking gym, looking like a twat, for what reason I have no idea. The kids sit around the house doing fuck all, watching telly, pissing about on the iPhone thingies.

I can't get any sense out of any of them.

Fuck this. It's pointless.

Pointless. Fuck this.


The Filthy Engineer said...

That's what happens to Dads. However when they eventually leave home (they all do) you'll find it will be even worse as you'll really start to worry about the kids.

Does that cheer you up?

(I've got a two year old grandson who knows his way around an ipad, better than me)

Anonymous said...

HMRC eh The link below is telling yet I havent got a fucking clue what they are talking about. Lin Homer the HMRC boss is , well just watch it until about 52 seconds in, after her pal says something, wow, reality disconnect or wot.