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Wednesday, 1 October 2014


Right, you bastards.

David Cameron was table-thumping today about how he lost a child and how he went to a hospital and how they "loved" him like their own.

I bloody understand that.

I lost a daughter when she was 25, to fucking cancer. You can't blame a party for that.

What you CAN do is to call out some fucking wanker who thinks that going "condolences" to Alice, on fucking Twitter, whose bloody murder was down to inactive, illiterate, fucking stupid Plod and an attitude of Political-Correctness trumps common sense and human fucking decency. Such as Ed "I must extend my Bosh Hizbollah" or whatever shit Jewish pants to all his fucking friends.

If David (yes, he is a fucking poof) Cameron wants to thump a table because he's had enough of this shit, then let him.

I thump the table. Frustrated. Often.

I despise the cunting lot of them.

Don't, just DON'T pan the guy because he has an experience. He has a piece to say.

Yes, they can all fuck off. Labour don't have a monopoly on the fucking NHS.

No, YOU fuck off.

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