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Thursday, 15 April 2010

A completely unrelated non-political thing but I wouldn't mind some feedback.

Apropos nowt much, I wonder if either (or even both) of my two readers would have a useful opinion here?

Two of my many daughters, A and P, are 10 and 8 respectively. One is 10 going on about 13, the other is 8 going on about 20.

Both of them make jewellery, as a hobby (as do I, which is probably why). They are both getting very good at it, putting me to shame with my old tired eyes, although I still get asked for a bit of help now and again. They humour me.

Anyhow, P has decided to design and print (using Word) some bi-fold leaflets advertising her services, which she is going to punt round the town on her bike, offering to make stuff for little profit to keep her in beads plus a few bob over for sweets and stuff. So I'm using the firm's toner. She calls it "P's Pearls".

A, not to be outdone, is setting up a web site using FrontPage. She will have to use my PayPal I suspect, or arrange for cash to be sent in plain brown envelopes. So I'm sorting our her hosting. She hasn't thought of a name yet.

Question: which is the more likely to succeed, and why?


The Filthy Engineer said...

P will succeed in the long run as she will discover boys later than A.

(I have extensive knowledge of daughters)

Hell and the dating scene will soon be upon you as a father.

Uncle Marvo said...

I, too, have extensive knowledge of daughters. Not necessarily my own, I hasten to add.

Hell will be as naught unless I approve of said boyfriends. Or girlfriends, I suppose, these days.

Cynarae said...

I think P may be the one most likely to succeed. She seems to be willing to work her way up and more fun hobby based, where as the web site seems a bit grand.
But then I only have a dog.

hunkofjunk said...

Good idea!
A few years ago I gave my 3 a tenner each. The one who converted the tenner into the most money by the end of the holidays kept the profit and I got my tenner back. Jewellery won hands down with £129. Even at this level it gives you some idea of what the profit margins are in jewellery.
However, I think P will win simply because she'll get the sympathy sale being face to face. A should augment her plan with local sales especially being older, she might have a wider circle of friends.
If the school has a summer fete they might consider taking a stall and knocking the stuff out there.