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Monday, 19 April 2010


I see from the TwitMobile that a certain Tweetess has said

"Indy front page made me smile. #dunkirkspirit #brilliantBritain #voteLabour"

And I had to go to the Indy. I am assuming that it is the "Independent", a mainstream newspaper, as opposed to a race or a kind of music.

The "Indy" says (and obviously I acknowledge this a copyright etc etc)

Volcanic Ash Crisis
Navy Rescue Plans for Stranded Britons

Coo. I didn't buy the paper. I assume it says the same.

Then I wonder what the Tweet was about.

Of course, people have been away, It's the Easter break, end of term, all that. And, of course, people didn't know that a volcano was going to play up.

There are a lot of Britons somewhere other than Britain, who don't want to be there, and who are probably running out of money, if not will to live. The Navy has ships, great big ones, which are probably not all deployed in Afghanistan or wherever today's war is. They will be full of sailors and diesel, too. Might as well bung them over to Spain, France or whatever and bring people back.

I would. Most people would. I don't suppose I'd wait until Monday and set up a meeting with Cobra either. So good, the right thing is done. As anyone would do. Cameron would, Clegg would, even the BNP bloke would have done.

Dunkirk Spirit, eh? Excellent evaluation of the situation. The Dunkirk Spirit, when Britons rally together against a common enemy. They don't rally against a sodding volcano, and they certainly don't #voteLabour when that means another five years of the same or worse, and as far as I know NOBODY asked for the idiot-in-charge anyway. Good God.

Or perhaps what was meant was a reflection of what really happened at Dunkirk in 1940? No. Because at Dunkirk, loads of Brits were rescued by pirates and fishing boats. Loads were killed. Many of the French resistance were left behind to surrender to the Germans. Had Hitler not decided to hold off for three days (and as far as I know nobody knows why he did), the whole bloody lot would've been massacred.

So no. The people abroad, unfortunate as they are, have been playing sandcastles and drinking sangria. They are not oppressed (not by anyone across the channel, anyway). Their lives are not in danger.

#brilliantBritain my arsehole.

But, one day, after we have despatched this bunch of troughing self-serving hubristic tossheads, it might be.


Cold Steel Rain said...

You did indeed beat me to it. You git.

Uncle Marvo said...

You could have linked to yours!


Angry Frank said...

Dunkirk spirit maybe, but you try getting back in the front door:

Courtesy of OH's blog:

Anonymous said...

Once again, the government's incompetence - relying on junk science and drawing the wrong conclusions - will cost taxpayers money, in lawsuits.

And to think that hoardes of the brainless will regard a LibDem vote as a 'protest' vote.

Democracy: the 'right' to vote away the rights and property of others. Wonderful.

Corrugated Soundbite said...

Oh bollocking hell Marvster. Where have you been these last two days? I read your posts during elevenses most weekdays :-)

I did manage to send The Tart Gellard some traffic recently. Unfortunately, the indoctrinated young moo got the hump and has fucking well deleted the outcome. And to think, I actively invite trolls to post at mine. Not even Ron Broxted/McEgan/Henry bothers.

All scum.

Dark Lochnagar said...

There has been more pish talked about this that anything else in weeks. Who's paying to have a Navy Ship dispatched to Spain to bring home some holidaymakers who didn't have the gumtion or the credit card to hire a car and drive to Calais or even get a bus or train. They even gave them a packed meal when they left the ship. Unbelievable!

Uncle Marvo said...

Gellard Traffic:

She seems to have taken to leaving the comments there, even if they are blatantly taking the piss.

I must blog. Can't think of anything radical though.