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Monday, 14 June 2010


I havent blogged since I last blogged because Ive been quite busy doing things that arent blogging.

"What?" I hear you both cry. "Marvo, what are you on, this early in the day?"

"Aha!" I reply. "You spotted my minor cockups."

I have been reading some other blogettes. They are fucking dreadful. The Engrish in which they are written is barely decipherable. The subjects on which the blogger blogs, or bloggers blog are barely interesting, and about as researched as Churchill's decision to attack the French in 1939.

Chaps, lasses, those of you in between ... word up!

I'm not a writer. I'm a reader, which qualifies me in some small way to write. And I can handle English, even with a couple of irregular verbs and the odd difficult spelling.

Writing is a skill. You need a bloody good story, or a better than average command of English, or at  least a joke that not everyone has already heard. Failing either of those, you need to be terribly offensive.

If you have nothing to say, nothing to say it about, and can't even rant, then please think again. The supermarkets are full of people who thought that writing was to be their future.

They're stacking the shelves.


RantinRab said...

I blog and I also work for a supermarket.

I'm confused!

Cynarae said...

But now you're confused on a higher level. :)

Dinah Menil said...

You know, you can find San Francisco criminal attorney here

Cold Steel Rain said...

I'm a Killer not a Writer

Mrs Rigby said...

Oh! - So rambling inconsequentially doesn't count? Pity. But I'm not planning on stopping just yet.

Hope you're not either!