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Tuesday, 13 July 2010


I don't normally do pictures, because I like words. There is a picture in this one. It is evidence.

A Mr Alasdair Campbell, Spin Doctor for New Labour, aka the Fabians, is disingenuous. I realise that I am inviting a libel action for this, but honestly, I don't care, I think it is more important that people know that the man largely responsible for the rise (and hopefully, fall) of the social engineering experiment, or dead donkey raffle, known as New Labour, and the subsequent enrichment, financially and socially, of its instigators Blair, Brown and Mandelson, realise what a mindjob has been done on them. Even if only for the sake of my kids, and yours. Let it never happen again.

Mr Campbell, Spin Doctor (look "Spin Doctor" up on Wiki, it tells all of the techniques) has been instrumental in brainwashing, fiddling facts and figures, and possibly more. You probably all knew that. I certainly did. I let it go. My friend Pam recently did a piece (sittinginthesky, same blogspot) which made him bite. Until then, I couldn't be bothered. Another friend, Carolyn, recently prompted me to ask him, as a man of great following, to retweet something which I felt strongly about. Yet another friend, Lochnagar, had already asked him.

Sadly, our Campbell couldn't find, or work, the retweet knob. You can see below that this is the case.

Sometimes, a picture paints a few words, you know. Read it from the bottom up. It's not very far.

I'd like to ask anyone else with experience of chap whether they had an opinion. Unfortunately, David Kelly wasn't available for comment.

Any legal beagles are welcome to contact me, simply reply below and I'll contact you forthwith. 


Cynarae said...

Like ├╝ber twat!

Old Holborn said...

grabs popcorn

Anonymous said...

These bastards think they;r home and dry they think they;v got away with it Blair Brown Campbell Mandleswine the pig god Prescott all happy making themselves a nice few bob for there retirements while leaving the rest of us up shit creek.They all need taking down.

Pam Nash said...

I have an opinion - Alastair Campbell has the ego, arrogance and compassion of Ceau┼čescu; I can only hope he meets the same kind of fate. One day Iraq, and Kelly, will come back to haunt him - his lack of regret, and failure to acknowledge the damage and heartbreak his lies caused, only serve to underline his breathtaking shallowness.

LesleyAlmost said...

Really, wouldn't it have been easier for him to just ignore the request rather than answer without meaning it?

So ickky is laughable....

James monk said...

You know how much I hate the man marv! He tweeter me yesterday calling me "a silly boy". Problem is, most people that have actually heard of the twonk can't stand him! His response today after being asked whether the politicians ignore the public in-between elections was priceless! The audience shouted "yes" to which he responded "well that would say that wouldn't they". He looks at the public with utter sustain and needs to be in front of a judge for his role in the kelly debacle and so many other reasons it is a joke'