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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Society, Big

I was going to do Big Society today. I'm not. Many bloggers have blogged it, mostly badly to my mind, but that Bastard Old Holborn has done it well. I have to doff my cap. And the bastard's got a good picture on it.

Read it, I implore you.

You have? Excellent. You're supposed to do good things. Of course you are. You already do? Even better.

While you do this, the elected governments continue to show their utter contempt for you. NOTHING you do will matter to them. Here is some contempt.

Old Holborn's penultimate paragraph tells you what to do.

Do it.

Or continue to tweet, blog, go back to your house and garden, your barbecues, your kids, and let the governments laugh at you while they continue driving your country further and further down the road to the global finance-driven monster.

I'm not going to bang on about NWO (New World Order), because I think it's paranoiac. But it's there. Call it the banks. Call it the EU. Call it the Fabians. Call it whatever you like, you're in it. And you can get out.

So, as Yoda would say, do not think about it. Do, or do not.

It's your choice.

Incidentally, I'd really like to know whether you intend to do, or do not. And why. Or why not.

Please feel free to comment.


William said...

Already at it mucker.
TV licence binned.

Credit card scam being exposed for what it is (paying for credits with pounds is not right for those who haven't a clue) and hopeful of a quick return of illegally extracted funds from a 51% government owned bank!

Binned the landline to help drop out of 'society'.

Running the car on veg oil not taxed to the hilt diesel unless the taxed to the hilt diesel is cheaper.. ahem!

I have binned the dustbin and never had any of the plethora of recycling bins/bags/buckets etc. Instead drop everything into a conveniently placed yellow 'litter bin' not twenty feet away from my house.

Am investigating setting up a family trust to keep the governments prying eyes and thieving hands away from my families affairs.

Am also investigating off shoring my business for similar reasons.
Pulled the youngest out of school and the eldest ditched the sham that is called college all by himself.

But the best fun is had by simply saying no to things that everybody else says yes to.

Pay for as much as possible in cash or kind.

Mr H said...

I'm just going to pod on regardless. Then go fucking loopy with a bayonet when it all kicks off...

Captain Ranty said...

There you go Marv.

Two methods, both equally valid.

Me? I'm doing similar things to William but I am prepared to do what BITS has planned should the need arise.


Shameless said...

Congratulations. You have become chavs.
W/v schitn