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Wednesday, 18 August 2010


T-Mobile, the mobile service provider, have got a hole in their procedure you could drive a bus through.

It's what we in the trade call a "Catch-22", whereby the left hand not only doesn't know what the right hand's doing, but also doesn't know what it's doing itself.

T-Mobile provide a dongle data service for people like me, who neither have nor want a telephone line. That means we can tweet and surf in the comfort of our own shed/boat/bubble.

It's reasonable at £15 a month. It's slow, but that's because I have a crap signal. I don't care. It works.

When you run out of credit, it handily redirects you to the page where you can top up. That's good. You can pull out your credit card or debit card and bung some money into their account, and you're back online again straight away.

"Right, Marvo," I hear you say "so what are you complaining about now?"

I'll tell you. I put in my card details, and my secret number, and my pin. I select the "Pay T-Mobile some of my hard-earned money" option. And then, because I bank with Messrs LloydsTSB, I get a box up asking me to confirm that I am me. I know that I am me, and it is a fairly stupid system they have, whereby a frame appears on my internets page, asking for my password.

And guess what? Because that frame is directed to LloydsTSB,, and not to T-Mobile, they block it.

Idiots. THINK.

BTW, I have credited my account. I sent it a text message with the last four digits of my card (which Lloyds haven't verified), the amount I want to pay (which nobody has confirmed) and the security number on the back of the card (which anyone could have seen).

Well done, T.

Now, please sort it out. Perhaps you'd like to comment in the box below?


Budvar said...

T-Mobile do have option of buying a top up voucher instead of using credit card, something O2 does not.

Coverage though of T-Mobile/Tesco/Virgin (all on back of T-Mobile network) are shite.

William said...

LloydsTSB should have gone to the wall. It is by some stretch the worst bank I have ever had the misfortune to deal with.