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Tuesday, 11 January 2011


Student Edward Woollard is jailed for 2 years 8 months for "committing violent disorder".

Now, I know you baying mob are screaming that it isn't enough. But think.

Yes, he LOOKS like a cunt. That isn't his fault. What he did was to get on the roof of some Tory gaff and lob a fire extinguisher off it. He nearly topped some Plod, protester or innocent bystander in the process.

He did something stupid. He could have hurt someone quite badly or worse, killed them.

People do stupid things. I know I do. I STILL do. I have nearly killed myself twice last year alone.

I don't agree with the student riots. I don't agree with degrees in Wayne Rooney, and I don't see why I should pay for them.

But civil disobedience is important. Protest is important. And what happens is that people get caught up in the heat of the moment, and there's always one who wants to go the extra mile.

Edward Woollard behaved like a twat. I have behaved equally twattishly and I suspect I'm not the only one. Had he killed someone, or hurt someone, he'd have to live with it. I expect that, on reflection, he wishes he hadn't done it - and not just because of the jail sentence. I often feel like that when I realise what a cunt I've just been.

But this sentence is the government making an example of someone. It would have been lower, or just been a warning and a bollocking, had it been a university or pub roof.

I have a huge problem with that. The state doesn't like it up them.


Anonymous said...

Little cunt should have been flogged, then hung, then drawn and then quartered.

This has fuck all to do with fees and everything to do with Lefty cunts who don't know they're born.

Kids his age are getting blown up and shot at in Afghanistan day in day out. They don't whine, so forgive me if I laugh my arse off at this silly cunt.

Andy said...

Bollocks Marvo... you have to pay for your own stupidity - if not, who does? He got what he deserved.

Hairy Ricky said...

You lightweight Marvo, maybe I'll take a shotgun down the crowded town centre and discharge a few rounds? I would only just be being stupid and it's not like I killed anybody? We've all been stupid haven't we? Well, yes I once shagged a fat bird but I've never thrown a heavy metal object 100ft down onto a crowd of people. It's only pure fuckin luck that that brainless fuckwit is not on a murder charge. get a grip Marvo. he should ahve been thrashed with a stick then 5 years.

JuliaM said...

"The state doesn't like it up them. "

And when some overprivileged little waste of skin decides to riot, smash things and hurl deadly missiles from a roof in an attempt to ovethrow the will of the electorate, I'm right behind them!

tony said...

I Agree With You.