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Thursday, 2 February 2012


I understand an MP has found it offensive that a beer, an ale, has found its way into the House of Commons Bar which goes by the name of "Top Totty".

The tap has a bunny girl on it. Big deal.

The same MP, elected by her constituents, has managed to, at great effort and presumably expenditure of time, remove said beer.


Yup. Here are a few things which I find offensive.

  • The House of Commons has a bar.
  • That bar is subsidised by people who do proper work.
  • An MP has nothing better to do.
  • That Gordon Brown sold off the gold reserves of this once-great country, in which the building-up he had no hand, for ten cents on the dollar.
  • That the government bailed out a couple of banks.
  • That my kids are now up shit creek without a paddle because of the hubris of a handful of the political class.
  • That half of what i might earn is being taken from me at gunpoint to spunk up the wall in any way the political class deem fit.
  • That I am now a European.
I can't be arsed. What I will say is that if the lady in question did not look as they she was catapult-fed from birth she might have chosen to embrace her sexuality, rather than to try to rebel against it.

Louise Mensch has my phone number, and she knows where I live. The MP in question has only to ask, I give Louise my full permission to divulge those details.

I hope she sues me. I hope, from deep within my black heart that she does so.

Please, if you read this folks, I have no idea what the woman's name is. Do pass this on.



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