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Wednesday, 25 January 2012


I see that people are fretting somewhat because the government we have are doing what they can to stop us drowning in the mire of debt in which we have found ourselves.

Whatever this coalition does gets stopped anyway, so no harm done, eh? We'll just run the debt up ad infinitum.

Don't blame the coalition. They're just a bunch of incompetents who've spent a lot of money on discrediting the last lot and managed to form a disparate government by virtue of the fact that Clegg hated Brown more than Cameron. Blair was truly a media creation, and look at him now. Brown was just a buffoon. Still is. Mandelson was evil. Still is. Sue me.

Look. There isn't any more money. Not in the whole wide world. Live with it. Suffer a bit. Most of you don't know any different, you were born in the EU and you have NO IDEA what went on before about the mid-eighties. You're all Fabians.

 Of COURSE you know. You read history.

Churchill said "History will be kind to me, for I shall write it." And so he did.

A couple of years ago the mainstream media airbrushed the cigar out of his mouth.

Trust me, you know NOTHING. And no, I'm not patronising you.

As was famously said, recently: "You weren't there, man".

I'd like to hear from some oldies other than I, I really would.


Anonymous said...

Where to start? I'm not that old - born in '49 - but the madness of the last 20 years leaves me dumbfounded and furious. What happened? How did we end up with all this health and safety, entitlement, PC, global warming .... crap?

What I do know is that we are going nowhere except down if we stay on this course. But then if you read about the rise and fall of the Roman empire, it's happened before. Perhaps it has to get worse before it gets better; or perhaps it never will and we'll keep going down.

Anonymous said...

That was me, Hugh. Your nephew.

Anonymous said...

I said we've found your sordid little grief hole. I was being antagonistic.

blacflag said...

be seeing you fuckwit

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