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Wednesday, 4 April 2012


I am seeking a job.

An "agent" sent me an email last Friday at 17.30. I looked at the job description and I am a 100% fit for this postition. I rang him. He had gone home. Not unreasonable.

I sent him my CV.

I rang him on Monday. Five times. Ten times on Tuesday. I emailed him three times. I rang him again today (Wednesday). I have had no reply. I know he's in.

I find this rude, and I do not see how he is doing his best for his customer.

I shall link this to the Contracts Director at the firm concerned, if I receive a satisfactory reply from him I might not add to this the name of the company in question.

Do comment if you think that I'm being unreasonable. I can do unreasonable, but it's a bit early so far.


NewsboyCap said...


No you are not unreasonable, give the numpty till Friday, a week, then Email his Boss and give him as much abuse as you dare.
Ignorant prick should have answered your Email by now.

Mr Larrington said...

You may wish to reconsider your "No Murdering" policy...

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