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Thursday, 13 December 2012


I'm writing this because I hope it helps somebody.

I was unemployed from the end of last year until late June. That's shit. You run out of money in no time.

The reason I was unemployed is that job agents are evil, their bosses are worse, and ... and ... I can't describe what a carbuncle on the backside of humanity this whole profession is. See previous blogs for details.

Anyway. In June I got work. It started off OK, developed into shit, and got worse. Crap, no chance of doing anything constructive or creative. Boss was an idiot. At least I got paid.

In the last few weeks I have got an awesome position. I do stuff. The boss, and his boss, think I'm brilliant, and so do I.

I am ahead of things and I've been given the day off just for being me.

So don't give up. If the bank want to repo your gaff, read them the riot act. If people want money off you, tell them to fuck off. HMRC, rent, rates, anything. Just do it. There's not much they can do, the wheels of what we farcically call justice in this crock of godforsaken shite we used to be proud to call a nation are slow, inefficient, and ... well, just do it.





Dave "Tuppy" said...

Cheers kid, it would seem we have been living parallel lives. Really pleased that it has all picked up for you, I'm still waiting but chin is up.

Captain Ranty said...


Pleased you are enjoying work. A decent boss makes all the difference. That, and the freedom to actually do what you do best.



SadButMadLad said...

I too was unemployed for a while. Ten years nearly. Ever since I got married. Correlation is not causation though! However I got off my back and became a handyman then a property developer. It helped that my wife still worked. Then as she was made redundant I got a job out of the blue. Found out on Thu, sent in CV, got interview on Fri at 1 hr notice, went in for trial day following Thu, got job started Mon. And it's fantastic and the company is going somewhere and growing and I put in a lot of effort and its noticed and appreciated.

With regards the money side. Visit the CAB first. They will tell you who you can tell to fuck off. Tell your morgtage co, and then if its long term sell house and sort out housing with council before you get anywhere near repo.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Uncle! It took me 7 months to find my new job and I was completely out of STELLA funds. It's not a perfect job but it's a solid one. I hope your new gig lasts a long time pleasantly.
Humbly yours,