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Tuesday, 2 April 2013


Here's a silly little blog.

Disabled folk don't normally choose to be so.

They are up in arms on Twitter because Ian Duncan Smith (IDS) is nicking their bedrooms.

No, he isn't. He's targetting the lazy feckless bastards who could, and don't, work. And good for him. Starve them.

But this is what I hate. SOMEONE, in the opposition (chokes) is calling things the "bedroom tax" and making the disabled folk think they're losing out.

And whatever sick fuck is doing this, to feather their own nest, is an UTTER, UTTER CUNT.

I suspect its the same despicable bastard that murdered Dr David Kelly. Campbell.

Sue me. You'll lose. I'll laugh.


Anonymous said...

Don't know about silly, but I can't agree with any of it, and I'll tell you why:

1 - I work. In fact its not a badly paid job, but by its nature I get laid off regularly. I've lived in this 3 bedroom house for over 30 years, my kids have grown up here but since the breakdown of my marriage I now live alone. There would be no way I could pay 25% of the rent out of £64 a week. Therefore I'd end up homeless, and I ain't lazy or feckless.

2 - IDS opened his fat gob yesterday and said he could live on £53 a week. Within 7 hours 119,000 people had signed a petition online challenging him to do so for one year. Do you think he will?

3 - You will find that lord whathisfuckingname who dreamed up this piece of shit legislation and lives in an 8 bedroom mansion, is exempt.

Your post is just plain bollocks. Try putting your brain in gear before opening your mouth.

Everyone who happens to be unemployed is a lazy feckless bastard eh? It must be true cos those troughing useless fucks in Westminster say so.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous - your marriage broke done and you live in a three bedroom house whilst families live in one bedroom houses / bed sits / there are homeless. Kids are grown up etc. what do you want - sympathy? Have a cup of self responsibility - Henry rearden

Anonymous said...

Keep your sympathy for the immigrants that would get my house. As for whole families homeless/living in bedsits - name three. No doubt your opinions would be very different if it were you on the sticky end of this insane scheme. And if you wanted sympathy, you'd find it in the dictionary somewhere between shit and syphilis.

Anonymous said...

My Dad lived in a 3 bedroomed Council house on his own after his wife (my mother) died of cancer. A number of local authorites tried to make him move to a smaller property but he kept asking, "When either of my sons, who are in the Army and serving their country in places you would rather not be, come to this house, which is their home, will you be there to tell them they can no longer come here?" No one had a response to this and there he stayed. I am glad he did 'cos that council house was the bastion of safety and calm I longed for when I came home from Borneo, Aden or Northern Ireland. I know my brother felt the same way. The last time I came home to that house ws to bury my father after he had died of a broken heart from hearing how my brother had been murdered by some scum in Belfast. Once that had been done, I never returned to that house and it was handed over to a family who lived on benefits and produced children at an alarming rate until they were upgraded to a bigger house, one in the private sector, but still on benefits.