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Tuesday, 11 February 2014



A few years ago, Tony Blair was Prime Minister.

Gordon Brown was Chancellor.

David Miliband was head of DEFRA.

The EU introduced a Single Farm Subsidy (SFP) rule.

David Miliband commissioned a computer system to process said rule, even though every other country in the EU had one which worked.

His didn't.

He lost 50,000,000 pounds.

Miliband went to Gordon Brown who said he couldn't have the money and that other parts of DEFRA had to find it.

Miliband went to British Waterways and the Environment Agency and suggested that they ask people who pay river licences (such as boaters) pay it.

Both raised their licence fees by around 15% p.a for three years. Neither stopped raising it since. Neither thought of charging fishermen or canoeists, despite their huge numbers. Neither spent any money at all, AT ALL, on flood defences because although they knew it was coming, the cuts were made. Gordon. Tony. David.

Those are all facts, plain and simple, no reporting, no partisan crap, just facts.

Somerset is flooded. Berkshire is flooded. David Miliband has a job at 1,000,000 pounds a year talking shit in America.

His brother is a cunt.

Thanks for reading.

PS some farmers are still waiting for their SFP payment, which won't matter much, as they're mainly pig farmers and their farms are underwater, so we're importing pig, most of which has swine flu at the moment. You carry on signing petitions. I'm reloading.

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