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Monday, 3 February 2014

Pete Wishart

I've probably got this all wrong, but there seems to be a chap called Pete Wishart, who is an MP, who went to a school in Scotland (do Scotland have schools?) and they called him a gimp. I don't know what a gimp is, so I can only imagine it's a contraction of "talentless twat who didn't try too hard at school and couldn't do anything useful so became an MP so he could suck the life out of working people".

So he took offence because they were in a "public school" and because he's a lefty he thinks anyone, however bright, or thick, is the same.

I'm probably wrong, as I say. If I'm not, can you draw his attention to this so he can have me barred from Twitter, and Blogger?

Many thanks, people. The police have my name and address so I'll put the kettle on. Hope they can swim.

BTW I was thrown out of public school. I consider myself lucky.

Also, I'm thick, my IQ was only 168 last time I took the test, so, well, fuck you, really.


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