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Thursday, 30 June 2016


I have no idea if this is true, but it would be great if it was. As told to me by a girl at work, about her friend.

The friend had finished Uni and gone travelling for a year, near the end of which her mum came over to meet her in New York to visit. They went shopping. The mum couldn't take any more shopping so she left the girl to it and went back to her hotel. It was evening, and she felt a little intimidated, coming from the English countryside, and being in New York, a very alien territory for her.

She went into the hotel with her shopping and pressed the call button for the lift. The doors opened, and the porter, helpful man that he was, and hoping for a tip, put her shopping into the lift, into which she now felt obliged to enter, accompanied by three large and fierce looking New York hoods; black, of course, as they are the gangsta type ones, a fact well-known by all English Countryside ladies, from the films. The lift doors closed. The lift did not move.

The middle one of the gentlemen leaned over to her and whispered "hit the floor." She threw herself to the floor, saying "please take what you want."

The gentleman said "I meant hit the button for the floor you want."

Apparently, the embarrassment was audible.

A few days later she went to pay the bill and leave. The concierge told her it was paid for, and there was a note.

"Lady, you have made me laugh more than I have laughed recently. Please accept this stay on me."

Will Smith.

The other two guys were his bodyguards.

Please let that be true.

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